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The Rarest 28.74ct Cushion Blue Color-Change Sapphire

It is very uncommon for a sapphire, without inclusions and heat treatment, to also have such a strong color-change. Because this stone reveals a purple color under incandescent light, the Gemological laboratories have identified it as blue. This rarity was recently on display at the Exhibition entitled, Brilliance: The Art and Science of Rare Jewels at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County. It is now available for purchase.

"Stones displaying a strong color-change phenomenon are highly desirable." The Gemological Institute of America

"This extraordinarily rare sapphire will be featured in the book, World’s Famous Gemstones in 2023." Robert Procop

Only 3% of gem quality sapphires mined are natural in color. Color-change sapphires make up less than .01% of those natural gem quality sapphires.


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