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The Finest Pair of Burma Blue Sapphires

These Cleopatra Earrings are comprised of two perfectly matched Burmese sapphires weighing 84.22 carats total weight. They are named after The Cleopatra Sapphire Ring, which has a similar shape, quality, color, and origin. This stunning pair was recently on display at an Exhibition entitled, Brilliance: The Art and Science of Rare Jewels at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County and are now available for purchase.

"Burmese sapphires are among the most coveted colored gemstones in the world. The historical importance of this source and the fine quality of its high-grade material contribute to the legendary status of these gems." The Gemological Institute of America

"This pair of Burma blue sapphires are of the finest ever discovered. It will be featured in the book, World’s Famous Gemstones in 2023." Robert Procop


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