Every piece of jewelry by Robert Procop has been on an extraordinary journey. It begins with the world’s most exceptional jewels. It is shaped by unparalleled artistry and craftsmanship.  It results in an exclusive creation of breathtaking beauty. 

Robert Procop creates exclusive collections and customized designs that are as extraordinary as the individual who wears them.  From our Creative Studio in Beverly Hills, our Gemstone Laboratory in Geneva and other international locations , Robert has assembled an elite team of cutters, gemstone experts, designers and the world’s most skilled craftsmen.   His goal:  to provide his clients with the world’s rarest jewels which he will transform into truly unique jewelry masterpieces.  

Alongside our desire to create unique designs of immense beauty is a commitment to value.  As much as our clients are obtaining a collectible treasure, they are also making an investment, and we strive to offer our customers the most competitive market value available.  At all times, our emphasis is on offering an invaluable asset, not extravagance.

For clients who enjoy participating in the artistic process, we welcome their collaboration on the design of a unique jewelry creation that will showcase their chosen gemstone to full effect.  It is always our goal to enhance the exceptional quality of each gemstone with a design that will best emphasize its rare beauty and character. 

Exceptional Gems – Specializing in the World’s Finest Gemstones 

The expertise of Robert Procop and his team is built upon our ability to locate the perfect gemstone for each client – one that fulfills every expectation of quality and value. From vivid Colombian emeralds to red diamonds, we specialize in procuring unique and rare gemstones of exceptional quality, color and size. Every gemstone comes with an impeccable pedigree and professional certification.  Certifications for our gemstones are only obtained from respected and long-established industry leaders such as Gubelin, Gemresearch Swisslab (GRS) and Gemological Institute of America (G.I.A.). 

Gallery Collections 

Out of the Robert Procop Creative Studio emerges inventive and exquisitely crafted pieces of art.  From modern to classic, whimsical to regal, inspiration and innovation combine to produce eternal treasures of remarkable beauty.  Our collections spring from pure artistry and craftsmanship, and each design is a celebration of the finest materials which are creatively transformed into perfectly sculptured jewels.  With each new gemstone that is acquired, our designers and master craftsmen embark on an imaginative journey to capture the essence and natural beauty of their designs.   With each new piece, another masterpiece is added to the gallery.         

Wedding Jewels

Robert Procop Jewels offers breathtaking, unique designs which include diamond bridal suites, the finest of diamond eternity rings and the world’s most selective and personalized diamond engagement ring service.  Clients can view our full range of available diamonds and gemstones from around the world, and  specify their desired cut according to their quality and price specifications.  Our designers can then fashion a customized design based on the client’s guidance and input.  The creative process is fully recorded in a  portfolio, which includes the original design artwork, fabrication details, and testimony of the master craftsman involved in the creation of each treasure, as well as all accompanying gemological certifications and photographs.   


Beverly Hills

Situated on the top two floors of the historic Van Cleef & Arpels building on Rodeo Drive, our Beverly Hills location encompasses several dimensions of the international services provided by Robert Procop. This location is comprised of Jewels of Beverly Hills, and The Robert Procop Creative Studio. 

Jewels of Beverly Hills has served as Robert’s private trading office for his elite and wholesale clientele for over twenty years.  The Robert Procop Creative Studio is home to our design team.  It is here where our designers and craftsmen work with clients to create custom pieces and exclusive collections.   


The master craftsmen of Geneva have long been celebrated for their impeccably made luxury goods and unwavering attention to detail.  In the heart of this historic city lies our own gemstone laboratory and workshop, from which the finest gems are distributed to our offices, workshops and trade members across the globe.  In the laboratory, we examine and record the most precise details of each gemstone, which is then carefully calibrated to be faceted and mounted in one of our jeweled treasures. Our Geneva workshop relies upon the skill and expertise of Europe’s finest master craftsmen to fabricate pieces that are truly magnificent works of art.  

Hong Kong

For our clients in the east, we are pleased to offer the services of our trading office in Hong Kong.  Through this venue, clients may arrange a private appointment in order to view any gemstones or jewels of interest.  It is our aim to provide every dealer and investor with balanced, insightful investment advice so that their quest for the perfect jewel will fulfill their expectations of value as well as of beauty.